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a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine ask me to make the design for thier class t-shirts.. I figure I'll do it since I have a lot of free time in my hand... I promise her it'll be done after the last chinese new year.. It should've finish a long time ago but my lazyness get the best of me... Luckily I got some useable ideas popping out in the last minutes... oh yeah, before I forgot.. the design on the back of this t-shirt are the same on all the three design..

Bev, huhu.. sorry if my design were'nt up to your expectations... I was never that good in making abstract design.. but i try anyway... so this is what I can come up with according to what you said in your friendster message... (design no 3 ya lari sikit la dri pa yang ko mention)

(p/s:mun da pa2 msg jak aku...)

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