25th december

its 25th december.. yup.. its xmas day. I got quite a lot of Christian friend, so with the spirit of 1Malaysia and after an invitation from a friend (markus), a couple of my friend an I goes around to visit one another. It doesn't much differ with our Eid here. During this time of festive season drinking (alcoholic drinks*) is almost in-evadable here. It sort of.. well I considered it as a tradition. But my friend do respect me as Muslim and they serve me carbonated drinks not beer (haha.. thanks guys) but I do took the liberty to snap a couple of picture of the beer can though (hehe). and I got to take a picture with a xmas tree outside of Edward's house! (haha)

p/s: next year's Eid I'll give you all a green packet (duit raya) if you all come to my house.. (not a promise though.. hehe)
*alcoholic drinks are prohibited in Islam

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