tokusatsu fever

I was pretty excited last week when I got the news that Saban Brands brought back the Power Rangers franchise from Disney (and now bringing it to the rival channel, Nickelodeon). It sucks when Disney decided to not continue Power Rangers series in the first place. Well glad it's in the right hand now. Reading the news, I'm once again dragged to the tokusatsu fever Come to think of it, I started to watch the Rangers less during their Disney era. Oh well, I'm now on the process of downloading the last Disney's Power Rangers; RPM.. just to get in track of the whole series again. I have the feeling that this 18th series is going to be awesome.. did I mention that their 20th year anniversary is on the way.. (team ups, crossover, specials..???)

disclaimer: Shinkenger ©2009 Toei Co. Ltd
Power Rangers: Team Samurai is a Bandai name for it's 2011 Super Sentai toyline,
The actual title for Power Rangers' 18th series is yet to be known.

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