Research Methodology class. On the first lecture of the class the lecturer basically asks each and everyone of us what is our purpose in life. While everybody is saying all sort of epic and deep meaningful answer ti the answer to the supposedly deep and meaningful question, I just said "Satisfaction". Every one else is saying things such as, "keredhaan", "kejayaan","kekayaan" there's even this one dude who says his purpose in life is to find a soul mate (haha! - everyone laughed, not just me). It got me thinking, while my answer, Satisfaction is merely a failed attempt to be funny, all of the answer the class gave that afternoon (consciously, or subconsciously) was all reflecting on satisfaction. I mean, if we think deep enough, whatever you think your life's purpose is, you do it so you will be satisfied. Even if you don't have satisfaction locked in your mind, you still won't consider your life purpose is fulfilled if you are not satisfied in whatever you do (in fulfilling your so called life purpose). Even in worshiping the Almighty, I want to be blessed by Allah SWT so when my duty is done I am satisfied, and I can live my life in peace. When we do a good job at something, we are granted with self satisfactory which is the push we do something in the first place. 

All I'm saying here is, whatever we do in life, we are always looking for satisfaction, or take satisfaction as a push to do something. I guess I'm not wrong in saying my purpose in life is Satisfaction. But the lecturer seems to have the "not good enough!" reaction in her face when I voice up the answer. 

Haha.. oh well.. maybe I missed something there.

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