040110... first day of lecture

1st day of the 2nd semester. Boleh tahan. It's been a while after I last saw most of my course-mate. Everybody seems to be maintaining their craziness and personality. 1st day.. our schedule seems to be a little packed than the last semester (or it's just me, it just seem the same).

the schedule for this semester

we didn't really did anything in CTU (religious-based) and GED (still don't know what subject it is). But in BEL (english) class we were asked to create a simple flag to reflect ourselves. Everybody seems eager to finish it quickly and leave the class as soon as possible including me (haha).

the flag I did (super fast)

The guitar symbolize music and how much the impact it has on me. The fire burning in the background symbolize the spirit I have within me. The block of ice beneath the fire reflects how cool I try to be when the going get tough, it also symbolize I am not that strong (how the fire inside of me can be put out). The skull and the flower on the lower-right of the flag symbolize my different character (how I can be brutal and still have that soft side inside of me at the same time)
-I don't quite remember what I wrote exactly, but it is quite the same.

and of course, some more playing with my canon dslr with my buddies after quite a tiring day.

me with my guitar (as always)

my room-mates BuildTech buddies

cubic.. the game I never seem to get

as I walk in the studio hall way.. there I saw her.. seems happy as usual.. keep on reminding myself to forget her.. I gotta forget her.. but I just can't.. she just seem everywhere. Tried to act cool in front of her.. try to don't care.. no reactions shows. she is not mine, never was and never will. she is with him now. she is happy.....
I'm lonely...
why do I always seems to be chasing something that is surely can't be mine

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