photography class (first action)

the second session of our photography class with Sir Zahir witness quite an action (after the first class lass week only an introduction). Today we were introduced to the world of Digital Single Lenses Reflex (DSLR). It's not like we doesn't know it already (haha!) A lot of people were using Nikon DSLR (making Canon user like me feel left out.. NOT!) The faculty also supplied some Nikon D60(still, I prefer my own Canon!)

since it is photography class, my lens managed to capture some action of it

the supplied Nikon D60

listening to lecturer (in their head all they can think of is shoot! -haha)

Sir Zahir, sharing some of his awesomeness with us

Nikon cam? Canon bag..?! what gives..??!!

the two in the back is just pretending to be doing something.. haha

Shafixx (Azzha) in action with his own Nikon D3000

what are they shooting..?? (shooting air I wrecken..)

the Nijam

my hand work of the day:

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